Pause, even in pain, to count the lullabies.

This is just one of the lessons I learned while my cherished wife, Elaine Nowicki, suffered with pancreatic cancer in 2018. Perhaps, during a visit to a hospital, you’ve heard the chime of a sweet lullaby ring through the overhead speakers announcing the arrival of a precious new life from the maternity ward. For Elaine, even amid her personal agony, those lullabies would bring a smile to her face. During her hospital stays, she would count every single lullaby. Each child. Celebrating every arrival. And selflessly praying, in hope & gratitude, for each new life.

Elaine and I have just one child, but not by choice. Together as newly-weds, we dreamed of many children for our family. However, God had another plan. We struggled through years of infertility and several miscarriages. Yet through our personal challenges with pregnancy, Elaine’s joy for motherhood – no matter the circumstance – never faded. And still shines on today.

Following her passing, I knew that Elaine deserved a legacy. A memorial. A cause to keep her alive. Together, my daughter and I prayed that God would guide us to a ministry in need. A mission that Elaine would love and support from Heaven. Ask and You Shall Receive; Our Lord shared the initiative underway at New Life Pregnancy Resource Center to bring a free, limited ultrasounds our community. A beautiful opportunity to create The Elaine Nowicki Ultrasound Clinic.

Over the past several years I have been learning to count the lullabies. Faced with an unexpected pregnancy, 90% of women who SEE their baby through ultrasound choose life. 90%! Ultrasound provides a first picture of a child to expectant parents and affirms life… reveals LIFE. With more than 25,000 reported abortions happening in Michigan each year, we know that this Clinic will have an impact.

Many have asked how they might honor Elaine. Remember her warm hug and bright smile. Keep her vibrant spirit alive. Share your love for her with our world. This is the way…

We humbly ask that you consider a sustaining gift to The Elaine Nowicki Ultrasound Clinic operated by New Life in Gaylord, Michigan. Your gift will allow us to sustain operations and fulfill the mission at New Life: To Encourage, Equip and Inspire individuals in their choice for life.

Together with Elaine in Heaven, let’s keep counting the lullabies.